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Politicians from Naboo: Palpatine & Padmé Amidala Fanfiction, Art, Discussion
Fanworks about the villain and the heroine of the Star Wars prequels
A couple of discussion/essay posts 
Apr-21-2012 6:50 [discussion]
We are currently the only ACTIVE Palpatine community on LiveJournal! Let's hope it's going to stay this way. *wink*

Today I bring you several meta posts discussing the Palpatine-Amidala relationship in the Star Wars films and novels (see our profile page for some of the best canon quotes about them).

- Two blog posts by chameleon_irony focusing on Padmé and Palpatine's influence on her in James Luceno's Darth Plagueis and Jude Watson's Episode I Journal: Queen Amidala

- The Queen's Sacrifice, by Mandy: an interesting theory about what killed Padme

- Palpatine the Planner Meets Padme the... Bait, by DarklordZor
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