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Politicians from Naboo: Palpatine & Padmé Amidala Fanfiction, Art, Discussion
Fanworks about the villain and the heroine of the Star Wars prequels
Palpatine and Padmé art & fic update 

- Padmé as a captive of the Emperor: rated PG / rated Adult

- Queen Amidala, Palpatine, and handmaidens in the Theed Palace gardens (rated G)

- Holding Her Leash (Palpatine/Padmé BDSM): R-rated version / cut PG-rated version with commentary

- Balance: a dreamlike drawing of Palpatine and Padmé in a tender embrace (rated G)

- A drawing of them in a... less tender embrace (rated PG)

- Sketch of Palpatine and Padmé dancing, perhaps at a Senate party (rated G)

- Another sketch of them dancing, plus a colored version (rated G)

New fanfic recs, in case you haven't been checking our fanfiction lists as they are regularly updated ;)

- Shadow Takes All by DarthObsydian (Rated R; Palpatine/Padmé pairing)

- Beauty and the Beast by DarthRuinous (Rated Teen)

- This is How Liberty Dies by RKB/His Majesty (Rated PG)

- The Sidious Chronicles 5: Democracy and 25: Strange Bedfellows by RKB/His Majesty (Rated PG)

Other stuff

- Scan of a part of Star Wars Insider providing rare insight into their relationship

- Several screencaps and animated gifs featuring Palpatine, Padmé, and Anakin interacting in The Clone Wars: "The Zillo Beast Strikes Back" (s2e19), with commentary by yours truly

- Screencaps of Palpatine and Padmé working very closely together in the Chancellor's Office in The Clone Wars: "Dooku Captured" (s1e11), again with commentary

- The portrait of Padmé that was found on a wall in the Emperor's palace, plus commentary
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