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Politicians from Naboo: Palpatine & Padmé Amidala Fanfiction, Art, Discussion

Fanworks about the villain and the heroine of the Star Wars prequels

Politicians from Naboo. Friends. Enemies.
Senate District, Coruscant, Galactic Republic
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Fanworks about the villain and the heroine of the Star Wars prequels
Palpatine and Padmé Amidala - night on Coruscant

Welcome to the community dedicated to the relationship between the beautiful and idealistic Padmé Amidala and the man who, for more than a decade, was her trusted advisor, her mentor, and secretly her enemy: Palpatine, alias Darth Sidious, the Sith Lord responsible for the Trade Federation's attack on her (their) home planet. He was the only man who could control her... sometimes. And let's not forget the best part: she beat him at military strategy when she was 14.

Here you can discuss the relationship between Palpatine and Padmé and post fan works about them (fanfiction, art, icons/graphics, fanvids). We mean relationship in any sense of the word. If it focuses on Palpatine and Padmé, it belongs here. We welcome fanworks in which they are colleagues, friends, enemies, or even lovers.

Works that depict them in a romantic/sexual relationship are labeled with the Palpatine/Padmé pairing tag, so you should have no trouble avoiding that sort of thing if it's not your cup of tea. But if it is your cup of tea, you've come to the right place.

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QUOTES: Palpatine and Padmé in the Star Wars films and expanded universe

"Together, we will bring peace and prosperity to the Republic."
– Chancellor Palpatine to Queen Amidala, The Phantom Menace

"It is clear to me now that the Republic no longer functions. I pray you will bring sanity and compassion back to the Senate."
– Queen Amidala to Senator Palpatine, The Phantom Menace

Senator Palpatine requested an audience so that we could go over strategies. It was good to see him again, and to confer with him. He's always been one of my most trusted advisors. When those on the Council of Governors doubted my abilities, he always backed me. Together, we should be able to sway the Senate.
– Queen Amidala (Star Wars Episode I Journal: Queen Amidala by Jude Watson)

"It's a pleasure to see you again, Senator Palpatine," the exquisite figure in the holoprojector said. "I look forward to the day when we can meet again in person."
"I do as well, Your Majesty," Palpatine said, bowing his head in a gesture of respect. ...He could imagine his own ghostly likeness hovering above the composite holoprojector in the floor of the Advisory Council chambers in Naboo's Theed Palace.

Cloak of Deception by James Luceno

"Queen Amidala is young and naive. You will find controlling her will not be difficult."
– Darth Sidious, The Phantom Menace

"This is an unexpected move for her. It's too aggressive."
– Darth Sidious, The Phantom Menace

"Do it for me, my lady. Please. The thought of losing you... is unbearable."
– Palpatine to Padmé, Attack of the Clones

How perfectly she plays her part, Palpatine thought. Sitting on her throne like some costumed and overly made-up animatronic doll. The stately pose, the uninflected voice ...
Darth Plagueis by James Luceno

"I wouldn't want to put Padmé through this [election] only to see her lose, Palpatine."
Palpatine beamed. "I will work with you to see that that doesn't happen. ... Faced with Padmé as competition, perhaps Veruna will see the light and abdicate."

– Ruwee Naberrie and Palpatine, Darth Plagueis by James Luceno

"How will you vote, Senator, should the matter reach a vote?"
"How would you have me vote, Your Majesty?"
Amidala thought before replying. "... I will abide by your decision on the matter, Senator."
Palpatine inclined his head. "Then I will weigh the matter carefully, and vote according to what is ultimately best for Naboo and the Republic."

Cloak of Deception by James Luceno
Chancellor Palpatine and Queen Amidala The Phantom Menace

"A surprise, to be sure," Palpatine said. But he didn't seem surprised. Beneath his modesty, I sensed triumph. Well, why not? Palpatine isn't free of ambition. And it would be good for Naboo to have our former representative as Supreme Chancellor.
– Queen Amidala (Episode I Journal: Queen Amidala by Jude Watson)

"I will talk with her. Senator Amidala will not refuse an executive order. I know her well enough to assure you of that."
– Palpatine to Anakin, Attack of the Clones

"All mentors have a way of seeing more of our faults than we would like. It's the only way we grow."
– Padmé, Attack of the Clones

"Enter the bureaucrats, the true rulers of the Republic, and on the payroll of the Trade Federation, I might add," [Palpatine] was whispering to the Queen. Anakin could see their heads bent close. ... Valorum stared at Senator Palpatine and Queen Amidala, and even from where he stood watching now at the entry doors to the Naboo box, Anakin Skywalker could discern the look of betrayal registered on the supreme chancellor's anguished face.
– Anakin's point of view, The Phantom Menace novelization by Terry Brooks

"Unfortunately, there are those who deem the risks too high for me to be absent at so turbulent a period. But I am willing to send my most prized diplomat and trusted colleague. Will you be my envoy, Senator?"
"I will, Chancellor."

– Palpatine and Padmé, The Clone Wars: Agenda (comic)

"She supported Palpatine almost to the very end."
– Mon Mothma (about Padmé Amidala), Dark Lord by James Luceno

Palpatine touches Padme's cheek in The Clone Wars Heroes on Both SidesPalpatine and Senator Amidala - The Clone Wars Senate Murders ending
Their relationship is more... physically affectionate in the Clone Wars TV show, as you can see in these images from the episodes "Heroes on Both Sides" (3.10) and "Senate Murders" (2.15).