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Politicians from Naboo: Palpatine & Padmé Amidala Fanfiction, Art, Discussion
Fanworks about the villain and the heroine of the Star Wars prequels
Index of Palpatine/Padmé (pairing) fanfiction 
These stories feature Palpatine/Padmé Amidala as a sexual or/and romantic pairing/relationship. If the idea disturbs you, we recommend that you don't click any of the links below, lest you read something that will cause you to need brain bleach.

If you are interested in fanfiction about a platonic relationship between Palpatine and Padmé, we have a list. This page isn't it!

The indexer's personal favorites and recs are marked with #.

A Masquerade for Padme by Cmdr. Gabe E #
Rated Teen | 21 chapters, unfinished | Chancellor Palpatine had seen Padme grow into a beautiful young woman right before his eyes. His desire for her had always been a secret... Until he finally decides to lure her into his venomous grasp by using the person she loves the most: Anakin. Other pairing: Anakin/Padmé

A Secret Love by ladyvader169 (backup link)
Rated PG | 21 chapters, unfinished | Padme lost her two babies in a miscarriage and is still grieving for them and her husband Anakin, who was lost to the dark side. Then she is forced into an arranged marriage to the Emperor. What will Vader do? Main pairing: Vader/Padmé

A Sithmas Carol by DarthObsydian #
Rated Teen | One part of a 5-chapter story | A Star Wars adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. On the eve of Life Day, Chancellor Palpatine is visited by three ghosts that show him moments of the past, present, and future. The Palpatine/Padmé romance is in chapter 2.

A Woman Scorned by RX_Sith
Rated Teen | one-shot | Darth Sidious finds an unconscious Padmé on Mustafar and turns her evil. She becomes Darth Scorn, vengeful Sith Lady and seductress.

Affair Choice by Ansketil
Rated R | one-shot | Anakin and Padmé cheat on each other with the same person. Other pairings: Anakin/Padmé and Anakin/Palpatine

Deception in Starlight by chameleon_irony (also on AO3) #
Rated PG | one-shot | He always enjoyed possessing beautiful things. A snapshot of the relationship between Chancellor Palpatine and Senator Padmé Amidala before the war, from his point of view.

Dejarik by BetaReject
Rated PG | one-shot | In another time, another place, a young politician named Palpatine meets Queen Amidala. A sleight of hand, an exchange of glances and the galaxy is turned on its side. Amidala/young!Palpatine AU

Distortion by DarkJediJade
Rated Teen | one-shot | Padme's first vote as a member of the Senate teaches her she has much to learn about galactic politics.

Downward Facing Sith by DarthObsydian
Rated Teen | one-shot | Humor. The Chancellor and Senator Amidala are... practicing yoga in his office when some Jedi walk in on them.

Eine Nacht in einem Jahr by Kyana-Morgaine
Rated Teen | 2 chapters, unfinished | Story in German. When Padmé becomes Senator, her friendship with her former mentor, Chancellor Palpatine, reaches a whole new level...

Exchange of Prophecies by AngelQueen
Rated Adult | one-shot | When Padmé is captured during TPM, Darth Maul decides he wants her as his mate, but his Master wants to have her first. Main pairing: Maul/Padmé. Warning: rape, underage(?)

Fallen Angel by Sevotharte #
Rated Teen | 6 chapters, unfinished | Story in German; no English translation currently available. Anakin and Obi-Wan die on the Invisible Hand. In her grief, the pregnant Padmé turns to the closest friend she has ever had: Chancellor Palpatine. She doesn't know that she is falling directly into his trap.

For Absent Friends by Kittenmommy
Rated Teen | 3 chapters, unfinished | Old friends come together once again in the wake of a tragic loss. Very AU, written before AOTC. Other pairings: Anakin/Padmé, Palpatine/Sabé

Frozen Blossom by Kyana-Morgaine #
Rated Teen | 26 chapters, unfinished | Story in German. Padme Amidala, formerly Queen of Naboo and now newly elected Senator, takes her first steps on the Senate's political floor. She falls in love, but the lucky one isn't Anakin Skywalker, but an old friend. (An unbetaed translation of the first two chapters can be found here or here.)

Hellfire by chameleon_irony (also on AO3) #
Rated Teen | work in progress | Padmé did not die. She is the Emperor's secret prisoner, and he wants more than an apology for the times she thwarted his plans. He will not be satisfied until he rules her completely – mind, body, and soul. Will she fall into his sinister trap? Warning: torture

Muse by Ansketil
Rated G | one-shot | Queen Amidala receives a gift. Amidala/young!Palpatine AU

Never So Cold by Screaming Ferret (also on ffn) #
Rated PG | one-shot | In which Padmé's fate was worse than death. Warning: implied non-con/coercion

Nothing Is Innocent Now by Ansketil
Rated R | one-shot | Padmé suspects Anakin of being unfaithful. Palpatine takes advantage of the opportunity. Other pairings: Anakin/Padmé, Anakin/Obi-Wan, Anakin/Palpatine

Persuasion by Ansketil
Rated Teen | drabble | How did Palpatine really persuade Padmé to leave Coruscant during Attack of the Clones? Crack!fic

Phantasm by ladyvaderkin (chapters one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight)
Rated R | 8 chapters, complete | Warning: rape. Palpatine becomes obsessed with Padmé. When his attempt to blackmail her into sleeping with him fails, he tries to take her by force... and Anakin finds out. Main pairing: Anakin/Padmé

Phantom Menace Between the Scenes, chapter 3: The Senator's Help by phil
Rated NC-17 | one-shot | During TPM, Queen Amidala offers sexual favors in exchange for Senator Palpatine's help. Warning: underage(?)

Shadow Takes All by DarthObsydian
Rated Teen | one-shot | Anakin is trapped in a place between life and death after the events on Mustafar. In this netherworld he discovers that his soul was not the only one he offered up to the Darkness...

The Courtship of Padme Amidala by DarthRuinous #
Rated Teen | one-shot | Padme gets drunk at a Senate party after her break-up with fellow Senator Rush Clovis. Chancellor Palpatine finds her, and she says and does some things she wouldn't if she were sober.

The Sith Queen by Aubreys-Master (backup link) #
Rated PG | 3 chapters, unfinished | When Qui-Gon Jinn failed to bring Anakin Skywalker into the Jedi Order, Darth Sidious seized the opportunity to draw the Chosen One and the Queen of Naboo to his side. AU featuring Empress!Padmé.

The Switch by Kittenmommy
Rated Teen | one-shot | Padmé and Sabé make a bet on whether each can convincingly pretend to be the other. Humor. Very AU, written before AOTC. Other pairings: Anakin/Padmé, Palpatine/Sabé, Anakin/Sabé

Thy Bidding by dovahfiin
Rated R | 4 chapters, in progress | AU. Anakin has been the duplicitous apprentice of both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Sidious since winning his freedom on Tatooine. Anakin and Padmé are married, but neither is faithful to the other. Palpatine/Padmé in chapter 3. Other pairings: Anakin/Palpatine, Anakin/Padmé, Obi-Wan/Padmé, Obi-Wan/Anakin

When Angels Become Demons by Darth Lawyer (also on AO3)
Rated Teen | one-shot | A tragic reunion between Empress Amidala and Darth Vader. Treachery is the way of the Sith. Other pairing: Padmé/Vader

Who's Your Daddy? by AnnieCat
Rated Teen | 6 chapters, unfinished | Paternity of the twins comes into question after Padme dies. A parody/crossover mixing ROTS with the Anna Nicole Smith saga and "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey". Crack!fic, dark Padmé. Also Anakin/Padmé.

See also: the index of fanfiction about Palpatine and Padmé (gen)

Feel free to suggest links in the comments! If you have read or written something that should be on this list, let us know. We want this to be a comprehensive list.

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